Grooming Skills for Life

Leadership Skills

To achieve our larger goals of creating conscientious and responsible citizens, we endeavour to develop confidence and leadership qualities in our students. By the time our children graduate from the School, they would have evolved into leaders who have a sense of empathy with, and compassion for, those not so fortunate as themselves. The aim of the School Prefectorial System is to teach the older students to care for the younger ones, and not merely to enforce discipline. The Students’ Council, consisting of elected student leaders, ensure a link between the student community and the faculty. Students are sensitized to the hallmarks of leadership like self-discipline, self-control, social awareness, positive thinking and responsibility towards the environment, community and nation

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate correctly, dearly and positively is the key to achievement and success. Accordingly, the school has evolved a leaming environment where children get ample opportunity, formal and informal, to hone their communication skills. Classroom techniques like pair and group work, role play, and personality development activities like elocution and debating aim at the inculcation of effective communication skills.

Decision Making and Thinking Skills

We believe that it is important for our children to learn to think for themselves. As such, they are encouraged to ask questions in class and not be passive recipients of information. They are also put in situations where they have to use their innovative, imaginative and organizational skills. A structured programme aimed at the development of problem solving and thinking skills is followed.

Character, Discipline, Value Education & Personality Development

The value of inner discipline and the belief that the ultimate aim of civilization is a well-ordered life in a peaceful society are, at all times, conveyed to the children. Value education classes aimed at instilling a sense of morality and ethics, and activities that promote team spirit, fellowship and self-control aid the formation of character in our children.