A collection of MORE THAN 15,000 BOOKS, 15 ACADEMIC MAGAZINES subscriptions and COUNTLESS CDs are available for exploring, researching and learning for students. To motivate students towards learning new things, to provide guidance to them in every sphere of their life, integrating the library program throughout every students education through collaboration and advocacy. While there is an allotted library period, habit of extra reading is also encouraged through class library & suggested reading list. Story books are issued for a week to all the students of classes I to XII. Book review is done after every alternative week . Smart board is used for reading ,Story book competition ,and puzzle solving .School e-library is also providing the online resources, such as stories from Amar Chitra Katha (ACK) for all students and PCMB combo (Phy,Chem,Math,Bio)for the students of class XII. E-Library is available free through school website and it is a good opportunity for the students of LCGVM to relax their mind or take a break from their regular studies and transport them the world of stories. .This year story telling corner has been inaugurated by Principal Ma’am. Through this platform many young authors share their stories to audience through story telling sessions .LCGVM is very proud to announce that we have at least 40 young authors from different classes. They have already published (Altogether over 100 books) their own books through Bribook Publication. The main objective of the library is to inculcate reading habit and provide the best possible environment to our students to remain engaged and became confident readers.

Lions Vidya Mandir

The Senior Library - Where the plethora of books allure the students of Class VI

Lions Vidya Mandir

The Junior Library - stundents of Class III immersed in words and books