Medical Facilities

Health check up and medical care

Our students undergo free medical check up once every year by specialist doctors. The school has adequate FIRST AID facilities along with an infirmary housing four beds to counter any emergency. A trained nurse is in charge of supervising these facilities. The school also has a tie up with the medical centre, managed by Lions Club in the vicinity.


  • In case a child falls sick/meets with an accident in the school premises he/she can be helped with immediate first aid only. The parents will be informed and are expected to come and attend immediately. It is important to give the correct contact numbers in the diary and update it whenever there is a change.
  • Pupils suffering from contagious diseases chicken pox, conjunctivitis, mumps etc. should not be sent to school until they fully recover. They should submit a fitness certificate from the doctor permitting them to attend classes.
  • The school has a well equipped infirmary, a trained nurse and first aid facilities.
  • Annual health check up is organized by the school in the month of November every year.